Mock Checkride Services Now Offered from Lively Aviation

Mock Checkride Services Now Offered from Lively Aviation

Let us help you achieve your aviation dreams through our products and services, which now include Mock Oral Checkrides!

Preparing for a checkride is stressful enough, but the anticipation leading to it can cause anxiety and rightfully so, however. Being better prepared always alleviates stress. I learned in college and the military that Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 

I'm currently prepping for my commercial checkride and came across our Check Instructor Weston Lopez. I've already done a couple of sessions with him and I'm feeling much better about my upcoming checkride. Weston has been working with a well known 141 training program out of Denton, Texas. He is extremely knowledgable and has been one of their check instructor's for over a year now. 

What is a check instructor? All Part 141 Flight School Operators have Check Instructors. Essentially their job is to ensure you are ready for your next phase of training and/or your checkride. They are given students who are ready to be tested. Becoming a check instructor is competitive within these 141 programs. You have be detail oriented, a self starter, and have a good record of producing quality students from your flight instruction. Weston exemplifies each of these qualities. He also recently accepted a position with Envoy Airlines. We are very excited to have Weston join our team and provide these services. 

Having a third-party evaluate your readiness for your checkride is beneficial to you, especially in the Part 61 world. Personally, over my flight training, I've utilized these services a couple of times from Private and Instrument, and now commercial. Each time they have been a tremendous confidence boost along with learning additional information that better prepared me for my checkrides. I've been apart of both worlds, Part 61 and Part 141 operations. But have their pros and cons, but one thing that I don't regret is having a third-party evaluate me and grill me on questions and scenarios that are likely to pop up during the checkride. 

Each session is a 2-hour time block where Weston will ask you questions pertaining to whichever certificate or rating you are pursuing. He has experience with Private Pilot through CFI-I applicants and is looking forward to helping you with your training and preparation. During your session he'll be taking notes of what is covered along with any weaknesses he perceives. Finally, at the end of the session, tips will be given to you on how to be best prepared for your checkride along with sending you the notes that were taken so you can study. 

If you have any questions pertaining to our Mock Oral Checkride Services, please email and our team will get back with you. 

We look forward to helping you achieve your aviation dreams! 

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