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Do It Yourself Kits!

Do It Yourself Kits!

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DIY Kits

Already have your FAR/AIM and want to tab it professionally yourself? Look no further.

Lively Aviation also offers a tab & sticker only option, allowing you to receive the tabs and stickers in the mail. Includes a “How to” video sheet on the process of how we place the tabs and stickers throughout the book!

Tabbing your FAR/AIM doesn't have to be a mundane and tedious task. Our tabs and stickers make it easy to install! Once complete, you'll have a professional tabbed FAR/AIM in your flight bag making your life much easier for studying and learning the regulations needed for the certificate or rating you're pursuing. 

Our COLOR CODED tabs make it that much more efficient to learn the regulations. Our colors are as follows:

Blue - Private Pilot

Red - Instrument

Orange - Commercial

Yellow - CFI

Blue - Sport Pilot

This method is done on purpose as it is proven color coordination and organization increases your memorization and helps you learn the regulations faster. 

It is in congruence with our partner ASA's progression of colors

Our tabs are compatible with both Gleim and ASA FAR/AIMs.   

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Commercial/CFI DIY Kit

I love it it makes it so much easier to locate specific items. I’ve put it to use immediately and I’m getting ready to use it for an upcoming checkride.

Benjamin Carter

Do It Yourself Kits!