At this time, Lively Aviation is no longer making the tabbed FAR/AIM. However, there are plenty of options on the web to ensure you have a tabbed FAR/AIM!

We now offer Independent Flight Instruction!

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How it all Started: The Tabbed FAR/AIM

When we first came out with the Tabbed FAR/AIM in 2020, it immediately made an impact on pilots training by enhancing their studying and increasing their knowledge of the regulations. Now, if you type in tabs for the FAR/AIM on the internet, dozens of options show up. We are so glad this product has and is helping thousands of pilots!

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Flight Training

Our operations are primarily in the southwest region of the DFW metroplex. Situated just outside of the Class Bravo airspace, this is an ideal training environment bringing you experience that will be valuable over the course of your aviation flying career.

The airports we service are

KCPT (Cleburne, Texas)

KGDJ (Granbury, Texas)

KSEP (Stephenville, Texas)