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The Tabbed FAR/AIM

When we first came out with the Tabbed FAR/AIM in 2020, it immediately made an impact on pilots training by enhancing their studying and increasing their knowledge of the regulations.

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CFI on Demand

Access to a Certified Flight Instructor through an app on your phone!

Send video, text, image, etc. for answers to your questions regarding flight training!

DIY Tabbing Kits

Already have your FAR/AIM and prefer to tab it out yourself? We've got you covered! All of our products are color coded depending on which certificate or rating you are pursuing. This increases your memorization and leaves you with a professional looking tabbed FAR/AIM.

All of our DIY Kits come with a "How To" video to show you how we tab it out.

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Lively Aviation Apparel

Love our logo? So do we! Purchase your hat or shirt to rep around during your flying adventures.

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Why Choose Lively Aviation?

  • Over 7,000 pilots helped

    From day 1 we have made it our priority by putting our customers first

  • Color Coded Tabbing

    We made sure to give you an advantage in your studying with our unique color coded tabs

  • Veteran Owned Business

    We are proud to support our armed services and first responders!

  • Aviation Industry Leading Partners

    We are partnered with industry leaders that bring value daily to the aviation industry

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Airplane Academy Review of the Tabbed FAR/AIM (Over 45k views)