The Beginning of Lively Aviation

Jeff was going through his instrument training and was having a hard time with the regulations. Through some thought, research, and finding nothing like it on the market, The Tabbed FAR/AIM came to be with our first day in business being May 4th, 2020. We were able to help over 7,500 customers in just 3 years!

While we no longer make the tabbed FAR/AIM we are thrilled that the concept has and is helping pilots in their training today!

What We Do Now

Now we focus on providing safe, professional and excellent flight training! Jeff's love of aviation began at the ripe age of two weeks old when his grandfather gave him a helicopter ride.

Jeff has served in the Texas Army National Guard as an Apache Helicopter Mechanic, attended Baylor University with a focus of Aviation Administration, and is now instructing independently in the DFW area.

Your Flight Instructor

With over 800 hours of dual given, Jeff is dedicated to helping make your dreams come true in aviation. He is a Gold Seal CFI-I with over 93% passing rate.

Born and raised in Texas, he is a God fearing man, married to his high school sweetheart, with a passion for aviation.