My Favorite Federal Aviation Regulation

My Favorite Federal Aviation Regulation

That title might seem like an oxymoron, but seriously I do have a favorite Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR)!

Let me explain. My grandfather is a HUGE reason why I'm passionate about aviation. When I was younger, he told me a flying story.

My grandfather also owned an aviation small business. He started in upholstery, then buying and selling airplanes, to eventually refurbishing Bell 206 helicopters and chartering flights. 

Over the years, he owned multiple aircraft. From single engine Cessna's to King Air's, he had thousands of hours of flight time. 

On one particular flight, he was flying to New Mexico (if I remember correctly) with my newly born mom and grandma. 

As we all know, babies do three things. Eat, sleep, and utilize diapers. 

Well, my mom decided she had to go on this flight (she was an infant on this flight).

If you've ever changed a babies diaper, you know for a FACT it is one of the most horrendous smells known to man. Now place yourself in a semi confined space (airplane), and not having a proper changing station, or ventilation, this is a recipe for disaster. 

My grandma finished changing the diaper and gives it to my grandfather, who mind you, is flying the airplane. This tells you of how much of an issue it was... and it needed to be disposed. 

FAR 91.15 - Dropping Objects

"No pilot in command of a civil aircraft may allow any object to be dropped from that aircraft in flight that creates a hazard to persons or property. However, this section does not prohibit the dropping of any object if reasonable precautions are taken to avoid injury or damage to persons or property" 

My grandfather dropped that diaper straight out of the sky to some empty land below with not a soul in sight. Crisis averted, grandma happy, baby satisfied, and grandfather back to flying. If you've flown between Texas and New Mexico you know just how much of nothing there is between here and there. 

Hence, this is the reason 91.15 is my favorite FAR. Every time I come across it I think of that story and where that diaper must have fallen. 

-Jeff Lively Jr 

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