Pivot Case and EFB Cases - Lively Aviation Partner

Pivot Case and EFB Cases - Lively Aviation Partner

If you are just beginning your training or are about the begin instrument, I cannot recommend this product enough! 

Don't just take my word for it, check out this excerpt from their website: 

"FlyBoys created the PIVOT line of products to solve problems faced by every aircrew member who uses an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB): Keeping the EFB tablet device protected and securely mounted. PIVOT equips airlines and the military with EFB-related products, designed by pilots for pilots. As EFB replaced paper charts, maps and other flight-related publications across the aviation industry, pilots and aircraft operators needed a means to access information on tablet devices safely and efficiently. Our universal mount and case system are optimized for the way pilots use their devices."

They are the leading EFB case and mounting system in the world. Trusted by the US Air Force and over 160 airlines worldwide, their products are hands down the best in the business. 

My personal experience with them has been phenomenal. I unfortunately learned about them later on in my flight training, man do I wish I had their products during my training! There were so many times that I had to look down whether it was for flight planning, approach brief, checklists, etc. 

This will literally change your instrument training. This is a MUST have during training. It will make your life and flows 1000% easier, you can incorporate your scan of the instruments with your pivot case, plus you won't have to look down for what seems like forever while you're hand flying that approach down to minimums. 

EVERY order with Lively Aviation comes with a special discount to their products. We are proudly partnered with Pivot Case and look forward to hearing about how your flight training was dramatically changed with their product. 

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