SiriusXM Aviation and Why You Need It!

SiriusXM Aviation and Why You Need It!

SiriusXM Aviation is an incredible resource to have while you're flying. 

One day I set out to fly a cross country flight from KADS to Oklahoma, I believe Ardmore, to continue building my time towards the commercial certificate. I knew there were some low lying clouds enroute, but however, I did not have my instrument rating yet as I was still doing them simultaneously. I started using SiriusXM Aviation and it was a game changer for this particular flight. 

I started flying north and for as far as you could see there was a white ocean of clouds, very low clouds, so low that I could see water towers but not the ground, so essentially a fog layer that had yet to dissipate for the day since winds were variable and not strong enough to move it out. 

I thought that there would be a break and I would be able to fly over them and by the time I came back, it would be clear. After 10 minutes it became very apparent that these clouds weren't going anywhere anytime soon. I immediately went to my iPad to look at the weather information that SiriusXm Aviation provides. 

With their observed data feature instead of only forecasted data, I saw that these clouds were all along my route and that I needed to divert. 

Keep in mind, these clouds were not suppose to have stayed. My preflight briefing with the Flight Service had noted that it should be clear by the time I was enroute, however, as we all know, weather is ever changing and this day was no exception. 

Because of the real time data SiriusXm Aviation provides, I hit up approach and requested a diversion away from the clouds and into clear conditions. 

Being a Private Pilot at this time and only beginning to learn instrument flying, SiriusXM Aviation provided a HUGE advantage to me. Without knowing the real time data of cloud tops along the flightpath, maybe I would have accidentally guessed or hoped for clearer conditions up ahead, maybe I didn't do what I did that day to get out of that situation. But because of the awesome data provided, I was able to make an informed decision and get myself out of it safely and quickly.  

Visit www.siriusxmcom/aviation to learn more about how they can enhance your resources while flying and how it can make you a safer and more professional pilot. 

Blue skies and safe flying my friends! 


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