The Tabbed FAR/AIM is Checkride Worthy

The Tabbed FAR/AIM is Checkride Worthy

The Tabbed FAR/AIM is a great resource for you to have during your checkride. Don't believe me? Let me paint you a scenario of why it is! During your checkride, regulations will come up. To be a safe, competent pilot and knowing how to share the airspace legally is imperative, and knowing the regulations is a must, for obvious reasons. 

So during your checkride, let's say the DPE asks you about a certain regulation. You are probably slightly nervous (totally normal), you know you know it but want to make sure you read it word for word. So you whip out the tabbed FAR/AIM and without hesitation open it up directly to the regulation that was asked about, read it, explain it, then on to the next question. 

It sounds so simple over text but when you're in the situation it makes a world of difference! 

We absolutely love when our customers send us messages about how our tabbed FAR/AIM helped them PASS their checkrides with flying colors, it's why we do what we do.

It personally helped me with my instrument rating and helped me pass my checkride, it will also help you with your training and memorization. 

We color code our tabs meaning for any given set of regulations we have colors that coincide with the certificate or rating your pursuing. 

Green is Private Pilot

Red is Instrument

Blue is Commercial

Orange is Flight Instructor

Neurologically this enhances your memorization. You see it, you memorize it, and we highly encourage you to highlight and underline as well (writing, along side the color code memorizing, essentially is a triple win for learning the regulations!). 

Reach out to us with any questions you may have about how the tabbed FAR/AIM! 

Blue skies and safe flying my friends

-Jeff Lively Jr 

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