The Argument of Paper or Digital Editions

The Argument of Paper or Digital Editions

Ever since we began operations in 2020 there has been a debate on whether the FAR/AIM is best used digitally or through paper versions. 

There have been adamant posts on different social media groups about this exact topic, one that I find to be both insightful and amusing. 

Each and every individual is unique, and thank goodness, because the world would be a boring place if we were all alike! But just because we are different doesn't mean we don't strive for the same goals at times, like achieving the Pilot's certificate or rating that you are currently pursuing.

HOWEVER, not all paths to that goal are the same. Please reread that last sentence. 

One persons opinion, including my own, is not the ultimate way of going about how to get to that end goal of yours. 

The Tabbed FAR/AIM is an excellent resource to have, both physically and digitally. I have referred many people to the digital version, heck, you may even go search for it now after reading this post because you didn't know it exists! And good! We want you to choose what is going to be most beneficial for you. If you learn better through a printed version, awesome! If you like the digital version, great! 

Personally, as I was going through my instrument training, I was having a hard time grasping the regulations. I am someone who has to have the physical copy of a manual or book during training, I do not like the digital versions of the FAR/AIM. Since the FAR/AIM is so thick, I was getting frustrated with not quickly being able to open to whatever regulation I was needing to refer to and I sure did not like those flimsy, weak tabs that I had seen so much of. So, through God's grace, the tabbed FAR/AIM came to be. It helped me pass my instrument training and I'm so thankful that it has helped so many of you pass yours too! 

The point I'm making is that do what is most beneficial to you. We want you to succeed more than anything here at Lively Aviation. Don't let one person deter you away from YOUR training of what they think you do or don't need. 

Keep looking through those regulations, keep studying, and keep doing just one flight lesson at a time. 

Blue skies and safe flying my friends! 

-Jeff Lively Jr 

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