The Creation of the Tabbed FAR/AIM

The Creation of the Tabbed FAR/AIM

How did the Tabbed FAR/AIM come to be you may wonder. 

It started when I was going through instrument training. I was having a tough time with the regulations and I wanted to navigate the FAR/AIM much easier than what I was doing. 

It was a typical FAR/AIM set up, flimsy tabs, random highlights, no structure whatsoever. 

My wife and I went on a cruise and we totally disconnected from the internet (before we opened up in early 2020). While we were gone, God gave me an idea, the Tabbed FAR/AIM. My mind started racing. I couldn't think of anything like that other than the "traditional" way of tabbing. 

When we made it back home and I immediately began searching for what I was thinking. NOTHING. 

My mind started racing faster. 

Since I was going through instrument training at the time, I started to use the tabbed FAR/AIM and man did it help me tremendously with my memorization of the FARs and overall organization! 

Through some trail and tribulation I finally came up with a feasible product, at least in my eyes. May 4th of 2020 was our first day in business, and by God's grace we received 4 orders that first day. 

I knew I had something that would help pilots become safer, more competent, and more professional. 

That's the reason we are in business, to help you along your aviation journey achieve the desired result you're after, attaining your certificates and ratings. 

We've been incredibly blessed and have helped over 5,000 pilots across the nation. 

We are strategically partnered with SiriusXM Aviation, PlaneEnglish, Pivot Case, and Flying Eyes Optics. 

-Jeff Lively Jr 

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