The Leaders of Aviation Podcast!

The Leaders of Aviation Podcast!

At the beginning of this year we started a podcast called The Leaders of Aviation!

The main focus of the podcast is to talk about Aviation and business. We've had some awesome guests on the show, including Greg Mink (Premier1Driver), Laura Humphries (The Flying Princess), and Vance Hilderman (CEO of AFuzion) to name a few. 

Over June and July we took a break from producing episodes due to military training and business operations but have the full intention of continuing to drop episodes in August! 

Some guests that we have lined up include Aviation CEOs, YouTube and Social Media Aviation Influencers, and more! 

Here is a link to Apple Podcasts but you can find us on any place you listen to podcasts!

Starting this podcast has been on my list for a couple of years now. I really wanted to give another platform to individuals who are doing or have done amazing things for the aviation community. Plus, I learn a tremendous amount from each guest with their expertise and stories on how they do what they do. 

I want to give a voice to the small business owners across the nation who are the backbone of the aviation industry. Many times we miss out on hearing some incredible journey's that will inspire and motivate you to continue to your next phase of your pursuit's in life. 

Each podcast I have done includes examples of some set backs they had along the way, which is completely normal! And what they did to overcome and persevere through. 

Hopefully this podcast inspires you to take your next step of your aviation journey. 

Blue skies and safe flying my friends! 

-Jeff Lively Jr  

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