Mock Checkride Oral Services

Have you been studying for your checkride but want to do a Mock Oral to ensure you're ready?

We can help you with that!

We are here to help you succeed!

Mock Oral Checkrides are a perfect way of ensuring you're ready for the Oral part of your checkride, which tends to be where alot of people make it or break it.

In 2021, the passing rate for Private Pilot was 78% and the passing rate for the Commercial Checkride was 79%. Simple math says that around 20% of individuals who go to a checkride will fail.

Here at Lively Aviation, we are in the business of increasing your knowledge and helping you achieve your aviation dreams.

Meet Your Check Instructor Weston Lopez

Weston is a CFI-I who has been instructing in Denton, Texas for 2+ years at a well known 141 school.

He has been a Check Instructor for over a year now and recently accepted a position with Envoy.

He is prepared to help you with your Mock Checkride Oral for Private Pilot through CFI-I.

He has 1,500+ hours in C152/C172/C182.

Mock Checkride Oral Services